Austin TX Charter Bus: Visiting The Famous Attractions Of The City

If you are thinking about touring to the city of Austin then this is an excellent travel idea for you. Why? It is because this kind of place is simply filled with fabulous and exciting places and sights that will simply make your day filled with so much fun and excitement and this is especially true when you have it shared with a group of people say, your family, relatives, friends and colleagues. And with the aid of an Austin TX Charter Bus, you can simply head on to your preferred city attractions with a great deal of convenience on your part.

Lady Bird Lake

This is known to be the largest park in the downtown area of Austin. This is an excellent place to stop for your relaxation after you have visited other attractions which are just adjacent to it. Perhaps, this is a place that will make you feel you are close to nature even when you are in the middle of the city where hustles and bustles are a common sight.

Texas State Capitol

If you are interested about seeing the house of government in the state of Texas then you can simply ask the driver of the charter bus to take you to the Texas State Capitol. This building is simply magnificent because of its size, making it as one of the tallest buildings in the entire state of Texas. As a matter of fact, this capitol building stands about 308 feet or 94 meters tall.

Zilker Park

If you are fond of visiting and spending your time in a place where you are simply close to nature, what you should do is to include Zilker Park on your travel list. This park is known as a popular area where recreational activities are made every day all throughout the year. This can be conveniently found in the heart of the city, specifically on its southern portion where you can also find other great attractio0ns such as the Barton Springs Pool and the famous Lady Bird Lake.

The Barton Springs Pool

This is a man-made recreational swimming pool which is also found in the grounds of the famous Zilker Park. Here, you’ll enjoy the pool with its all-natural water springs.

Want to visit more of Austin’s famous sights and attractions? If you do then you should take the time to hire an Austin TX Charter Bus for your today!

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