Houston TX Charter Bus – Outdoor Fun in Houston with the Family

Whether you would like to admit it or not, kids can get easily bored even while on vacation. Now, once they realize that there is nothing fun to do there, they would start making faces and complaining about how bored they are. And to avoid going through this situation, it is definitely a must to include kid friendly tourist destinations in your itinerary. Lucky for you, Houston is home to some of the most amazing family oriented attractions that your children, no matter how picky they are, would not be able to resist. To add to your stress free family bonding, make sure to hire the services of a professional Houston TX charter bus.

How Kid Friendly is your Houston TX Charter Bus?

Since you will be traveling with your kids, their safety and comfort should be at the top of your priority list. But just how kid friendly is your chosen Houston TX charter bus?

•    Their buses are modern, new and properly maintained by the best and highly skilled mechanics to ensure that road mishaps such as engine troubles and accidents will be avoided. You can ask your chosen Houston charter bus company with regard to this to make sure that you are aware of how they maintain their vehicles for your safety and security.
•    Their drivers are certified, trained and experienced. You do not have to worry about navigation and being on the road for several hours because your company provided driver will take care of everything road-related responsibilities for you. They are experienced in long driving and even cross country travel, which means that you do not have to spend even a single second behind the wheel.
•    Travel guides are there to assist you and your children especially when coming up with a kid friendly itinerary. They will also ensure that you are all accounted for every time you get off and on the bus.
•    The amenities inside the bus are as kid friendly as can be! The seats are really comfortable, the interiors are spacious to allow your kids to move around and be free while you are on the road. Their buses are equipped with one built in bathroom each – perfect for those emergency bathroom trips that your kids are most likely to have. You can also connect to the internet and even watch their favorite family movies while you are all waiting to arrive at your destination.

Best Family Friendly Outdoor Destinations in Houston

1.    Houston Zoo
2.    Hermann Park
3.    Bayou City Bike
4.    Memorial Park
5.    iFly Skydiving
6.    Rice University Trail
7.    Waugh Drive Bat Colony
8.    Allen Parkway Loop
9.    Cypress Trails
10.    The Spread – Horseback Riding

For more information please visit: http://www.texascharterbuscompany.com/houston-charter-bus


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