Austin Charter Bus Company – A Girl’s Guide to Shopping in Austin

Any trip would never be complete without bringing home some unique items from the city or state that you have visited. And while you and your girlfriends are all set to go shopping in Austin, you do not know where the specialty shops are. Well, you can definitely depend on the expertise of your Austin charter bus company representatives with regard to this matter since they know the city like the back of their hands. All you need to do is to simply ask them about where you can shop for unique finds based on your budget and they will surely be able to lead you to the best and the cheapest specialty shops and flea markets in the city.

Top Questions to Ask When Choosing an Austin Charter Bus Company

To make sure that you will be able to visit the places that you would like to see and of course shop to your hearts’ content, you have to choose the right Austin charter bus company to help you out. Here are some of the most important questions that you should never fail to ask:

•    We are trying to work around a really small budget, will you be able to help us tailor fit our trip based on the amount that we are willing and able spend?
•    What are your payment options as well as your modes of payment? Do you require your clients to pay reservation fees or down-payments?
•    Can you tell us more about your company’s history? How long have you been in the charter bus industry?
•    Will you be providing us with a travel guide or is that an extra service that we have to request and pay for?
•    Is your website accurate? Are all the information found on your site updated?
•    Can we book, confirm and pay for our entire trip on your website as well? Is it safe?
•    Do you also conduct tours? Can we choose the tours that we would like to participate in?
•    We are looking for great shopping finds, can you point us to the right direction?
•    What are the conditions of your buses? Are they new or modern? How often does your team conduct maintenance on your buses?
•    Are your drivers certified and experienced? Do you train them before you let them drive?
•    Can we make changes to our travel reservation? Are there penalty fees associated with each change?
•    How will you be able to guarantee our safety and comfort on the road?

Unique Places to Shop in Austin

1.    Allen’s Boots
2.    Waterloo Records
3.    Central Market
4.    Uncommon Objects
5.    The Arboretum
6.    Wild About Music
7.    Barton Creek Square
8.    Thing’s Celtic
9.    Sound Gallery
10.    Clayworks Studio/Gallery

With the help of your trusty Austin charter bus company, you will be able to bring home amazing souvenirs and gifts for you and your friends at home.

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