Dallas Motor Coach Company – Exploring Dallas’ Weird and Artsy Museums

It is not so surprising to know that museums are no longer based on a single theme of showcasing the old and ancient artefacts found in different parts of the globe. With the change of times came the change of themes and focuses in terms of what museums have on display. Having this in mind, Dallas is home to several museums that cater to the weird, wacky, nerdy and artsy artefacts and pieces that you and your equally eccentric friends would enjoy and appreciate. Be sure to ask a representative from your chosen motor coach company to help you come up with a list of such types of museums to complete your already fun-filled itinerary.

Ultimate Dallas Motor Coach Company Questionnaire

To be able to make sure that you have made the right choice in your Dallas motor coach company, it is important for you to be able to have some sort of a virtual “sit-down” with the company’s representatives for you to have the opportunity to ask all the pertinent questions regarding your trip:

•    How long have you been in the motor coach business? How did you start in the industry and how much experience does you company have in terms of providing charter bus services to clients? What sets you apart from the other firms offering the same type of services?
•    Do you have a website? Are all the information provided on the site updated and accurate? Is your website safe enough for us to submit all our payment information should we decide to acquire your services?
•    What are your packages and are they flexible to adjust to the needs of your clients? Can we customize our travel details?
•    What are your payment options and modes of payment? Do you require down payment from your clients for their reservations to be confirmed?
•    Can we make changes to our reservations in case there would be a need to do so? How much will you be charging us for such changes?
•    Can we cancel our reservations? Are your fees refundable? Will there be penalty fees for such changes?
•    What type of buses does your company offer? Are they new or modern? How often do you conduct maintenance procedures on your buses?
•    What are the amenities that our group will be able to enjoy should we decide to rent one of your buses?
•    Aside from being provide with a driver, will you also be assigning a travel expert to assist us on the road?

Unique, Wacky and Artsy Museums in Dallas

1.    Frontiers of Flight Museum
2.    Museum of Biblical Art
3.    Meadows Museum of Art
4.    Dallas Holocaust Museum
5.    Deep Ellium
6.    The Eight Track Museum
7.    MADI Museum
8.    American Museum of Miniature Arts
9.    Fan Man
10.    Perot Museum of Nature and Science

For more information please visit: http://www.texascharterbuscompany.com/dallas-charter-bus


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