Austin Motor Coach Company – Feast on Authentic Texas BBQ in Austin

If there is one type of food or food preparation that Texas is famous for, it would definitely be its amazing and really authentic Southern BBQ. And if you are crazy about your barbecued meats as much as you are crazy for exploring historic cities, then Austin should be the your first stop when touring Texas. And since you are planning to travel with your closest friends and loved ones, you can rent a top notch charter bus from a professional and seasoned Austin motor coach company. Remember that your choice in transportation can make or break your plans of indulging yourselves with the best grilled meats with authentic Southern punch.

Questions to Ask when Choosing an Austin Motor Coach Company

There are so many things that you can ask the Austin motor coach company that you have chosen. But to make sure that you will be making the right choice, you may want to narrow down your list by asking these 10 sets of questions:

1.    How long has your company been in the motor coach business? Can you tell us more about how you started and how much experience does your company have in terms of chartering visitors to Austin?
2.    What are your reservation policies? Do you require or specify a time frame for clients to book and confirm their trips?
3.    Do you have a website where we can check out all your travel deals and packages?
4.    Can we book our itinerary on your website? Is it safe? Can you guarantee that our payment details, especially those of our credit cards will be kept safe from hackers and identity thieves?
5.    Do you allow schedule changes and cancellations after the trip has been confirmed? In case we will be allowed to cancel or make changes, how soon should we inform you about it? Do you require clients to pay fees for schedule changes?
6.    Are all your trips insured? Will you be offering us travel insurance policies?
7.    How do you ensure our safety? What are your safety and security precautions while your clients or passengers are on the road?
8.    How experienced are your drivers, mechanics and travel experts/guides? Are they trained and certified as well?
9.    What are the conditions of the buses that you offer your customers? How often do you maintain them? Are your buses well furnished with the best amenities?
10.    Can we customize our itinerary based on the budget that we have chosen?

Experience the Best BBQ in Austin, Texas

You do not have to travel that far and wide to experience authentic and even fusion Texas BBQ. While you are in Austin, be sure to check out the following places:

1.    Franklin Barbecue
2.    Rudy’s Country Store and B-B-Q
3.    Eddie V’s Edgewater Grille
4.    La Barbecue
5.    Hudson’s on the Band
6.    Micklethwait Craft Meals
7.    John Mueller’s BBQ
8.    Freedmen’s Bar
9.    Terry Black’s BBQ
10.    Lamberts Downtown Barbecue

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