Texas Charter Bus – Where to Take Your Kids in Texas

You and your kids need to spend some quality time to be able to catch up on each other’s lives. Since summer is here, you may want to consider taking them on a cross country road trip to Texas and check out the many fun and exciting family activities that you can do together. Of course, part of planning a family vacation is also finding the best mode of transportation to be able to get around the Big State of Texas without any problems. Sure you can rent vans or cars for your upcoming road trip, but this method of traveling is definitely more stressful, not to mention, expensive. To be able to travel with ease, you need to hire a reliable and experienced Texas charter bus company.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Texas Charter Bus Provider?

There are several things that you need to ascertain before you decide to hire a specific Texas charter bus company. In fact, you are strongly advised to conduct several interviews to be able to find the one that you need and are looking for. Here are some questions that you need to remember:

1    How long has your company been in business? Can you tell us more about your history and your experience as a charter bus provider for tourists and visitors in Texas?
2    How much are your fees and do we need to settle a down payment to get our reservations confirmed?
3    How soon should we inform you that we will be acquiring your services?
4    Do you have reservation requirements and policies?
5    Can you tell us about how you deal with sudden changes or cancellation to scheduled trips?
6    Will you be requiring us to pay a fine or penalty in case we need to make alterations to our itinerary?
7    Will you be helping us find the best places to visit with our kids?
8    How do you keep your passengers safe? In case of emergencies, do you have a working contingency plan?
9    What are the models of your buses? Are they well equipped with the latest amenities and facilities?
10    Are your drivers trained to handle cross country driving? Are they also certified and trained? Are they knowledgeable about your destination?
11    Will you be allowing us to customize our travel schedules? Can we specify our pick up / drop off locations and times?

Kid Friendly Activities and Destinations You Should Not Miss in Texas

1.    Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park, Dallas
2.    Camp Balcone Springs
3.    Moody Gardens Aquarium and Schlitterbaun Water Parks, Galveston
4.    Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas
5.    Houston Downtown Aquarium, Houston
6.    Sorcerer’s Cave in Terrell County
7.    Caverns of Sonora
8.    West Cave, Austin
9.    Texas Renaissance Festival
10.    Texas Children’s Museum

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