Austin TX Charter Bus – Go Museum Hopping in Austin with Your Kids

Kids are not as much fascinated with history than those back in your day, so to be able to make them appreciate the past and learn something new at the same time, you definitely need to take them to a place where there are historic museums that you can visit and explore together. The big state of Texas is filled with amazing, really educational and absolutely fascinating museums, but if you decide to concentrate on one location, then you should make sure that you visit Austin first! You can take your kids and other family members with you by simply acquiring the services of a reliable Austin TX charter bus company.

Top Reasons for Choosing an Austin Charter Bus

There are several types or means of transportation that you can choose from to get to and around Austin. But out of all these, the best one is taking a charter bus to the city. Here are the reasons why:

•    Chartering a bus allows you to have more control over your tours and other travel activities. The company will allow you to choose the places that you would like to visit, set your preferred travel schedule and all can also be based on the budget that you have set for your trip.

•    Request for itinerary assistance. Since you can pretty much dictate the course of your trip, you can ask for a travel expert to help you plan out an itinerary that contains not just the museums that you want to visit, but also the other top notch tourist destinations in the city of Austin.

•    You will be kept safe through the expertise of their drivers and tour guides. The buses are also modern furnished with the most state of the art amenities. This means that you will not feel secure, you will also be comfortable throughout the trip. The buses are well-maintained and are large enough to transport as much as 60 people. The baggage or luggage compartment on each bus is spacious to allow passengers to bring as much belongings as they deem fit.

•    The bus company will also provide you the convenience of being picked up and dropped off, based on the details that you prefer. So instead of driving to the airport or picking up your rentals at the car rental office, you can simply wait for the bus driver to pick you up.

Top Museums to Visit in Austin, TX

1.    The Thinkery
2.    Elisabet Ney Museum
3.    Texas Military Forces Museum
4.    Bullock Texas State History Museum
5.    LBJ Presidential Library and Museum
6.    Pioneer Farms
7.    Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum
8.    Museum of the Weird
9.    Texas Memorial Museum
10.    Mexic-Arte Museum

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