San Antonio Bus Company – Great Rides and Great Food

Restaurants and food districts are overflowing in the City of San Antonio. The Texan metro is a highly preferred tourist destination and top pick

for group excursions. Bring your family and friends to San Antonio and get to experience the beautiful and stunning places in its boroughs. On top

of sightseeing adventures, it is also the best place to indulge in and explore different food, cuisine and feasts for your taste bud. A San Antonio

bus company offers tour packages and bus fleets to help you get around and discover great restaurants and food districts.

Charter Bus vs. Other Transport Services
Locals and tourists alike are into charter bus services than any other transportation options. That’s because this transportation type offers a lot

of benefits and perks compared to taking the public transit or carpooling and driving your own vehicle. Check out some of the best known features of

a bus charter service:

•    Enroute Restroom – The on board restroom is one of the unique and remarkable features of a charter bus you can never find in any other forms

of transportation. Bus units are fully equipped with this type of amenity to ensure the comfort and convenience of passenger all the time.
•    Multimedia Devices – Bus fleets are loaded with numerous multimedia devices and facilities. This is part of the entertainment features of

charter buses. You can talk to the San Antonio bus company you hired about complimentary onboard amenities and those you need to request.
•    Luggage Compartments – Charter buses are designed with spacious and huge overheads. There are also units with separate luggage compartments

to ensure that your foot space is not cramped and uncomfortable. These compartments are designed to accommodate bulky baggage and equipment

passengers need to carry around during the trip.
•    Fully Air-conditioned Interiors – Efficient and functional air-conditioning systems are necessities especially for a San Antonio group tour.

In order to combat the notorious Texas weather, charter buses are guaranteed fully air-conditioned and have spacious interiors for proper

ventilation and airflow.

Discover Great Venues for Foodies

The City of San Antonio offers great food districts and world-class restaurants to satisfy your every craving:

•    Dick’s Last Resort
•    Mi Tierra Café & Bakery
•    Liberty Bar
•    Sushi Zushi
•    Tower of the Americas Restaurant
•    Pico de Gallo
•    Las Carinas
•    Whole Foods Café
•    Simi’s Indian Cuisine
•    Taco Cabana
•    Chacho’s

For more information please visit : San Antonio Bus Company


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