Houston Charter Bus Company – Choose a Foodie Group Tour Package

Houston is the best place to explore for family tours or getaways with friends. It has all the right tourist spots for all types of adventure cravings. If you have a special and distinct craving for delicious and delectable food, Houston is also a great choice. There are overflowing old and new restaurants in the metro where you can indulge on mouth-watering cuisines and dishes. Make sure your group trip is made even better with the help of a Houston charter bus company. You need the assistance of the experts if you want hassle-free and enjoyable group excursions with a foodie side trip.

Perks of Charter Bus Service

A Houston charter bus company has lots to offer especially if you are dealing with an established and trusted service provider. Bus charter rental

is a trend in the transportation industry because of its remarkable upsides. It is the ideal and highly recommended transport service especially for group tours and excursions. These are just few of the many perks to enjoy when you charter a bus for your Houston getaway:

•    On-Time Itinerary – You are guaranteed no delays if you charter a bus for your Houston adventure. For instance, bus companies have

professional staffs as well as top conditioned bus units to make sure your itinerary and schedule is met without hassle.
•    Affordable Rates – Most people initially think that charter buses are expensive because they are huge and modern. Hiring a charter bus

service is in fact a more affordable and economical choice especially for large groups. You can save more if you choose public transits or drive

your own vehicles and carpool.
•    All-Out Fun – Charter buses are fully equipped with amenities to ensure your entertainment from start to finish. There are no dull moments

when on board a charter bus. You can do group activities while on the road or simply sit back and enjoy high tech and modern entertainment


Top Restaurant Choices in Houston

Group tours will never be complete without a detour to some of the best restaurants in the city. Here are the top rated restaurants, old and new, to

try out and visit when you are in this Texan metro:

•    Pappacito’s Cantina
•    Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
•    Doneraki Restaurant & Cantina
•    Cheesecake Factory
•    Goode Company Taqueria& Hamburgers
•    Americas
•    Taste of Texas
•    NikoNiko’s Greek
•    Mi Luna

For more information please visit : Texas Charter Bus


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