Austin Motor Coach Company and Top Hotels

Finding a trusted Austin motor coach company is the first thing you need to do in planning your group excursion. Charter buses are ideally designed

for a larger group of passengers exploring the scenic spots in this Texan metro. Nowadays, a wide array of service providers is available in this

transportation niche. You need to be extra careful in choosing and hiring the right bus company for your group tour. Charter buses are highly

preferred for their world-class and high end features. However, you must also know which type is perfect for your group trip.

Types of Charter Transport Services

An Austin motor coach company especially established and dependable ones offer a slew of charter buses and motor coaches. You can find the perfect

chartered ride for your group excursion. Different buses offer different features depending on the needs and nature of the tour. Here are some of

the many types of chartered transport services for Austin tours today:

•    Executive Motor Coach – A more luxurious and high end genre of charter service is the executive type. There are smaller and larger types of

motor coaches with premier features ideal for formal or sophisticated tours. It is also a good business trip transportation or to tour around Austin

company VIPs and the likes.
•    Mini Buses – This type is designed to accommodate a smaller number of passengers. Most mini buses are rented for weekend getaways of a group

of friends or family members. It is also a popular choice of transportation for bachelor’s or bachelorette’s parties.
•    Themed Buses – As the name implies, this bus type follows a particular theme. Popular themes for charter buses may include vintage or

classic designs, futuristic, gothic, and even fairytales. This is the ideal ride for parties or special events and occasions.
•    Sleeper Buses – The enormous type of charter bus or motor coach is the sleeper type. It is a famous choice for road trips or long distance

travels. Sleeper buses usually have bunker beds, restroom, refrigerator and other amenities that would provide the utmost comfort and necessities.

Top Rated Hotels and Resort Spas in Austin

Aside from top quality motor coaches, you also need the best hotel or resort accommodation when in Austin:

•    Barton Creek Resort and Spa
•    Habitat Suites
•    Hyatt Regency
•    Homewood Suites
•    Driskill Hotel
•    Lake Austin Spa Resort
•    Crowne Plaza
•    Lakeway Resort and Spa

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