Top Attractions for Tourists in San Antonio

San Antonio is the second most populous city in Texas and the seventh in U.S.A. The city located in the south-central part of Texas offers numerous touristic attractions. Therefore, it is the ideal place to spend your family vacation. Nevertheless, before you set out to discover the city you should consider using a San Antonio bus company, mainly because it is a cost and time effective means of transportation and it is ideal for big groups of people.

So after you’ve rented a motor coach from the San Antonio bus company of your choosing and if you’re an outdoors and sports fan you could climb all four hundred and twenty five feet of the Enchanted Rock. According to the local legends this is the place where Native American warriors were killed and their spirits can be sensed in the area along with a tribe princess. Even if you feel the souls of mighty warriors or not the place is worth seeing because it has spectacular scenery.

If you’re looking for quality entertainment then you could bring your family to the Majestic Theatre to see the biggest musical acts and stage shows. If you show up early you can enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the ornate architecture of the first complete air-conditioned Texan theatre. Plus, don’t forget to visit the basement because you could see signed murals from previous shows over the years.

Probably one of the best views of the city can be seen from the Tower of the Americas so don’t hesitate to put it on your itinerary and pass it on to your driver from the bus company you’ve hired. The seven hundred and fifty feet tower is a main destination for tourists across America and it was built in 19689 as part of the World’s Fair. So you and your family should buy a ticket to the observation deck that includes access to the kid favorite Skies over Texas 4D ride.  If you get hungry you can taste some Texan ribs at the top floor Chart House Restaurant.

Almost every tourist comes to San Antonio so see the Alamo Mission, but this is not the only one in the city. So you can further discover the city’s history by visiting the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park, where you’ll be able to discover Mission San Jose, Mission Espada, Mission San Juan and Mission Conception. The park has wonderful scenery and an eight mile trail where you can do some jogging or biking.

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