San Antonio Charter Bus – 10 Best Places to See in San Antonio, Texas

The state of Texas, being the vast area that it has needs to be explored and discovered per city. This is to really have the opportunity to understand the culture, history and the people that live in each part of the state. And the best place to kick start your Texas escapade, you should definitely visit the city of San Antonio first. Home of last year’s NBA champions and world class historic destinations, not to mention the best south-western cuisine, the city offers its tourists the best vacation experience. For you to ensure a really noteworthy road trip, be sure to rent or hire the services of a professional San Antonio charter bus. Chartering a bus to San Antonio offers a wide array of benefits and advantages so make sure that you choose the right one.

Best Things About Renting a San Antonio Charter Bus

It has already been determined that chartering a San Antonio charter bus can indeed be beneficial to anyone who decides to go on a road trip with friends and family. So further convince you that this is the best mode of transportation to use, here are more perks that you should be aware of:

1. Your San Antonio charter bus will make sure that you will all fit in a single vehicle. Gone are the days when you have to rent 4 or more vans, caravans or cars just to be able to take everyone with you on the trip. The bus is spacious and its interiors provide more space not just for all 20 of you, but also for all your belongings. As a matter of fact, the bus has its own baggage compartment where your large pieces of luggage can be kept safe.
2. Motor coach rental rates are extremely affordable, perfect for those who are or will be travelling on really tight budgets. You can even ask the company to help you customize your entire trip, itinerary included, to suit the amount of money that you are capable to spend while you are on a trip. You can also choose the services and other assistance that you think you need without spending so much of your hard earned cash.
3. Worried about comfort and safety? Don’t be! The company will ensure that you will be kept safe and comfortable throughout the trip through their amazingly, well equipped buses. The amenities are perfect for those who will be spending long hours traveling on the road. You can also rely on the expert services of your driver and tour guide.

10 Must See Places in San Antonio

1. Natural Bridge Caverns
2. Japanese Tea Garden
3. Mission San Jose
4. San Antonio River
5. Majestic Theatre
6. Natural Bridge wildlife Ranch
7. San Antonio Missions National Historic Park
8. Mc Nay Art Museum
9. River Walk
10. The Alamo

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