Texas Charter Bus Company – The Best Holiday Present for Your Parents: Family Trip to Texas

Life would not be as thrilling and exciting without surprises. This Christmas, make sure that you surprise your mom and dad, as well as the entire family with an awesome road trip to the big state of Texas. What makes this the perfect holiday gift? Well, simply because everything is big in Texas! From tourist attractions, to food and amazing historic sites, you will never run out of fabulous places to see, things to do and food to eat. And now that you have got that plan covered, the next thing that you should do is to book your trip with the help of the best Texas Charter Bus Company.

How Safe is Traveling by Bus?

There are so many benefits that you and your entire group can get out of chartering a bus for your trip to Texas. But if there is one that could really convince you that this is the best means of transportation that you should choose for your next vacation that would be the guarantee of safety and security. What makes this choice safe?

1. The buses are all new and modern. This means that you do not have to worry about having a clunky, old and almost dilapidated bus picking you up and taking your entire family to Texas.
2. The buses are also well maintained. Your chosen Texas Charter Bus Company will make sure that the bus that you will be using is in its best condition to avoid any road breakdowns and accidents.
3. The interiors are well maintained and equipped with the latest amenities. Are you scared to drop by rest stops every so often because of the eerie stories that you have been hearing about roadside bathrooms? Well, you do not have to be scared anymore, because the bus has its own bathroom for your safety and convenience. The seats are also top of the line, making it safe for your children and of course your parents.
4. The bus will be driven by a highly experienced and certified driver and your group will be guided by well trained tour guides.

Top Places to See Around Texas

• Austin

o University of Texas
o Texas State Capitol
o Governor’s Mansion
o Lake Travis
o Lake Austin

• Dallas

o Lone Star Park
o Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District
o Pioneer Plaza
o Reunion Tower
o Fountain Place

• San Antonio

o Six Flags Fiesta Texas
o The Alamo
o SeaWorld Texas
o The Riverwalk
o Tower of the Americas

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