Houston Bus Company – Houston: Where Friends Come Together

It is almost your birthday and you are looking for the best place that you and your friends could visit. Where do you think you should go? Well, if you are ready get in the groove and have fun then the best place to visit in Texas is certainly Houston! Traveling with a group of 30 people can be a bit taxing and inconvenient, but why let a simple number scare you from having the best birthday trip ever? What you need is to book and hire the services of a professional Houston Bus Company.

How to Choose the Best Houston Bus Company?

Here are some tips on finding the best bus company to take you from Los Angeles to Houston with ease:

1. Ask for recommendations and do your internet research properly.
2. Conduct short interviews to help narrow down your search. You can ask the following:

a. How long has this company been in business?
b. What are your cancellation, reservation and payment policies?
c. How much are your rates and do they differ per destination and point of origin?
d. Will we be needing additional drivers for our trip?
e. How soon should I call to confirm my reservation?
f. Can I help customize our itinerary?
g. How new or old are your buses and how to do maintain them?

Spend Your Birthday Week in Houston

Remember that this is your big day, and you should not hold back on how much you can enjoy your birthday week with your favorite people in the world.

• Paint and drink wine at the same time at the famous Pinot’s Palette in Houston.
• Go on a seafood fest at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood Restaurant.
• Are you a wine connoisseur, or do you simply enjoy drinking wine? Well, all you need to do is to visit Celsius and drink to your hearts’ content.
• Karaoke night on a different level at the Glitter Karaoke.
• Spend a night at the Moon Tower Inn.
• Visit the Nouveau Antique Art Bar for a dose of art and booze.
• For a little theatrical night, be sure to check out the Miller Outdoor Theatre.
• Shop at the Galleria and downtown flea markets
• Live entertainment at the Warehouse Live
• Get wet at the Wet n’ Wild Splash Town, Houston.
• Skate and play a couple of sports at the Jamail Skate Park and at the Discovery Green

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