Austin Bus Company – Where Practicality Meets Comfort

With today’s economy, it is not surprising for people to choose practicality over the quality or the overall experience. An example would be going on vacation, most of you might think that going somewhere near would really be practical – meaning budget friendly, compared to traveling to a large and popular city such as Austin. Well, here is some great news; you can actually go on a grand vacation in Texas without spending so much money. How? By chartering a bus from a trusted Austin Bus Company and visiting budget friendly places in Austin!

Why Charter a Bus from An Austin Bus Company?

There are actually lots of reasons why chartering a bus is more practical compared to going to a familiar place, renting cars and purchasing plane tickets to Austin.

• It is really more affordable. The costs of renting several vehicles, paying for gas and stopping for food can balloon in an instant. Chartering a bus will only require you to pay for a single fee (unless stated by the company) – vehicle, gas and entertainment.
• No more squeezing yourself in tight spaces. The bus is spacious and gives you a wider leg room for you to stay comfy and relaxed throughout your trip.
• Schedule changes are easy. You do not need to pay for extra for reschedules. You can also coordinate with everyone with ease – no more flight changes and paying for new or reissued tickets.
• Stress Free way to travel. You can easily organize your group and belongings.

Austin is a Budget Friendly Tourist Destination

Contrary to what other people believe, you do not need to have a lot of money when visiting Austin. There are lots of budget friendly places and things that you can do here:

• Museum of the Weird – bring out the weird and crazy side in everyone by visiting this place.
• Explore the Sixth Street – check out affordable restaurants, shops and bars.
• Have an ice cream cone or two at the Arboretum. Check out Amy’s Ice Cream
• The Lady Bird Lake – here you can run, trek, ride bikes and kayak for minimal to zero fees.
• Check out the Barton Springs Pool – the fees are already at the minimum, but be sure to inquire about the days and time when entrance fees are waived.
• Watch afternoon concerts and shows at the Central Presbyterian Church for free!
• Visit the Blanton Museum on a Thursday and check out art exhibits, go a film and attend lectures without spending a single penny.

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