Austin Motor Coach Company- Charter a Bus and Explore Austin

Okay, so you are now ready to take that much awaited summer vacation with your huge group of friends. Where are you planning to go? Whether or not money is an issue, one place that you should definitely visit is Austin, Texas. This capital city offers a smorgasbord of attractions and activities that you and your friends should not miss. How will you get there? Forget about taking that boring plane ride, go for something more grounded and more fun: Charter a bus from a reliable Austin Motor Coach Company.

Reasons Why You Should Charter A Bus

Can you imagine yourself enjoying your vacation if you are constantly behind the wheel? Driving from Seattle all the way to Austin is an idea that will definitely make you shudder in fear, disgust and boredom. And if you charter a bus, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

• No more driving! Forget about slaving behind the steering wheel because chartering a bus can and will guarantee that you will be comfortable and stress free throughout the trip.
• Budget friendly. The cost of travelling in a group and on a bus will completely give you more room for shopping, eating and enjoying everything that the city of Austin has to offer.
• Vehicles are reliable. This means that you do not have to worry about spending too much on gas, stopping for engine checks, or worse, being stranded because your car broke down.
• Drivers are all knowledgeable. Each driver has gone through specific trainings to ensure that you are all safe.

Top Things to Do in Austin

Since you are on a vacation with your friends and loved ones, it is important that you visit places that will allow everyone to tap into their own interests. Here are the top things that you and your friends can experience in Austin:

• Swim, snorkel and dive. Austin has lots of natural and manmade pools and springs that everyone would love to dive into. Visit the Hamilton Pool, Krause Springs and the Blue Hole in Wimberley.
• Go camping at Camp Ben McCulloh. By the way, entrance is completely free!
• Go on a food tour. There are trailers, food stalls, organic markets and lots of restaurants that you can check out. A huge Farmers Market in downtown Austin is open to both locals and visitors all year round.
• Feed your hunger for music by checking out the different music festivals that go on throughout the year. Visit the Zilker Park and the Auditorium Shores for authentic Austin music.



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