City Attractions To Explore With An Austin TX Charter Bus

Have you met up with your family and friends already and talked about the upcoming Austin trip plan? Well this is going to be an exciting adventure to all of you because the city itself offers a great deal of sites, attractions and activities for everyone in your group. And of the different things that you might have discussed in your group meeting, you must have already talked about the places that you should visit and see once you get there. With the aid of an Austin TX Charter Bus, touring around from place to place is definitely a breeze.

Lady Bird Lake

This is one of the most popular attractions in the city of Austin and it is actually a water reservoir on the River of Colorado found in Downtown Austin. It is a perfect place for family and friends to sit back and relax and enjoy the different sceneries and attractions around. So if you are thinking about a great and tranquil place where you can stop and spend your time contemplating with the beauty of the surroundings, Lady Bird Lake is a perfect place to be.

The Zilker Park

If you are thinking about spending your time in a recreational park in Austin then you should pay a visit to one of the most popular attractions in the city, The Zilker Metropolitan Park. This park comprises about 350 acres of land and is found in the southern portion of the city. The name of the park was derived from the name of a person who donated the land in 1917, Andrew Jackson Zilker.

The Texas State Capitol

This particular spot in the city is found in the downtown area of Austin. It is in fact the 4th building which housed the government of the state of Texas. It is here where you can find the Texas Legislature chambers and of course, the main office of the state governor.

The Barton Springs Pool

If you simply adore the waters then you can simply make a stop with your group at the Barton Springs Pool, a man-made recreational pool which can also be found within the premise of the famous Zilker Park. The water actually comes from the Main Barton spring, one of Texas’ largest springs.

There are actually more places and sites to see and experience in the city. Simply hire an Austin TX Charter Bus to help you reach your preferred points of destination in the city.


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