Dallas Charter Bus Company –Discovering the City’s Landmarks

You can visit and discover Dallas in style. The metro is fast-becoming a remarkable and highly recommended place to be for vacation goers and adventure-seekers. There are innumerable places and sites to explore in Dallas just as there are countless transportation services for those who are traveling in bigger groups.

Sights and Landmarks in the Metro

Plan your Dallas vacation and know some of the fabulous places and sites to explore when in the city. Here are some of the highly recommended places and hot spots in Dallas:

• House of Blues

This is where you can experience authentic southern inspired music and cuisine. Crossroads at House of Blues feature eccentric folk art décor and the perfect venue for large activities accommodating 2,000 to 2,500 people. The one-stop venue is ideal for memorable and unique events from meetings to huge parties, weddings, product launches and conferences.

• Uptown Dallas for Food Tours

Dallas is known for its amazing food blended with historical and cultural walking tours. There are various tours for food lovers particularly in Uptown Dallas where you can find casual local restaurants. Arts and culture tours in Uptown Dallas are combined with sit down restaurant visits where guests could have food tastings and entertainment. You can enjoy genuine Tex-Mex cuisines plus neighborhood specialty cocktails and dishes.

• Zero Gravity Dallas

If you are searching for extreme adventures and thrill rides, this is the ideal place to be. Dallas’ is dubbed as the only Thrill Amusement Park in the world where visitors could enjoy the ultimate entertainment among five featured amusement rides. Some of the featured rides include Nothin’ But Net, Bungee Jump, Skyscraper, Skycoaster and Texas Blastoff.

More Thrilling Rides in Dallas

You have many other options when it comes to going around Dallas and exploring its myriads of landmarks and sights. If you want comfort and convenience, there are many transport services available today. Here are options you can choose from for transportation in the city:

• Public transit such as buses and subway trains
• Dallas Charter Bus Company
• Rent a Car
• Private vehicles

Among the options for transportation, the best of these is charter buses in Dallas. Why? You can find licensed, insured and high quality vehicles providing comfortable and safe rides anywhere in the city. It is the best option for group travelers as well.

With the help of a Dallas Charter Bus Company, you can explore the metro in convenience and style.




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